Wet Mix Macadam Plant

Wet mix macadam plant is designed for road contractors who are every looking for a strong and reliable machine for their important construction projects. Each component is designed with precision and care to ensure that customer enjoys the functioning and utilizes the plant to maximum. Available in capacities 200 tph, 300 tph,400 tph,500 tph and 600 tph the contractor has wide options to go as per his project requirement. Our plant will help customers make homogenous mix of base or sub base layers before laying of hot mix asphalt.

The whole wet mix macadam plant is modular type,and the mixing type is horizontal two-axis compulsory continuous mixing type. It can be used to mix gravel stabilized soil and stabilized soil with lime-soil. It is suitable for the construction of grass-roots materials such as expressway, grade Ⅰ highway, grade Ⅱ highway, urban road, airport and stadium. It can be used with lime, hydrated lime (Moisture content of 10% -15%), Gravel, fly ash, cement and other raw materials, to produce stable soil-based materials, cement stabilized gravel, compressive concrete and other grass-roots materials.

The equipment has the characters of excellent performance, advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable working situation, easy to operate, easy to maintain, high productivity, accurate mixing, mixing evenly,etc. It is the ideal grass-roots material mixing equipment choice for the construction company.

Type WBZ200 WBZ300 WBZ400 WBZ500 WBZ600
Rated Productivity(t/h) 200 300 400 500 600
Aggregate Size(mm) ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤60
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3) 3×4.5 3×6 4×6 4×8 4×10
Mixing Material Bin Volume(m3) 6 6 6 6 6
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy <±2% <±2% <±2% <±2% <±2%
Water Weighing Accuracy <±1%-±2% <±1%-±2% <±1%-±2% <±1%-±2% <±1%-±2%
Cement Weighing Accuracy <±1% <±1% <±1% <±1% <±1%
Mixer Rotation Rate(r/min) 63.2 63.2 63.2 65 65
Total Power(kw) 75 102.7 120.2 155.5 175.5
Weight(kg) 30000 39000 41000 51000 63000

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